You Might Be Surprised By How Often People Say This In Our Online Reviews



You Might Be Surprised By How Often People Say This In Our Online Reviews

One of our favorite things is to hear that a client LOVED their Ameritech experience.

That goes double if a homeowner goes online and tells the whole world about it in a review about Ameritech.

We’re especially appreciative that more than 360 clients have reviewed us on Google, and the overwhelming majority of those reviews are 5-star raves.

What Clients Actually Say About Us Is Very Interesting

Some of the things you’ll read in our reviews may not surprise you, especially when people talk about how thrilled they are with the quality of our windows.

We sell and install the best windows in Colorado, so it is not at all unusual to read things like…

“The windows themselves have made a noticeable difference not only holding heat in the winter, but keeping OUT warm air in the summer.” …AND

“The difference in sound and comfort with the new windows is incredible. I’d advise anyone to look to them for windows and doors if you have failing or old windows and doors.” …AND

“The windows slide smoothly and close tightly, no more air leaks.”

Homeowners often also mention our team, particularly the friendliness and professionalism of our consultants and installers.

“Excellent service, I couldn’t believe how dedicated the technicians were at getting the job done in one day, and leaving behind no mess.” …AND

“Gave us a great educational experience on what we’re buying!! Great personality and we love the product he was selling!” …AND

“Scott, the Project Manager, was awesome and impressive.   He talked with us to make sure the sale was right for us.  There was no pressure to buy.  Ameritech’s reputation and window quality sells itself!”

Here Is What May Surprise You About Our Reviews

What may surprise you is how often homeowners mention doing REPEAT business with Ameritech.

Sometimes people will decide to replace windows in stages; other times they may have moved and be replacing windows on a different home; or sometimes homeowners do their windows and then call us again to install a sliding glass patio door.

Whatever the reason, here’s what we love about homeowners giving us repeat business: it is the biggest vote of confidence we can get. When people call us again, they are saying they are willing to spend their hard-earned money with us again. You don’t hire a company again unless they delivered excellent results the first time.

So to all the clients that use us again and refer us to friends and neighbors, thank you. Here are some quotes from repeat clients in their reviews:

“I have worked with Ameritech in the past and was very happy with their product.  I decided I needed to replace my basement windows – the last “old” windows I had in my house – and when Ameritech called and offered their services, I met with Scott and got the project all set up.  As usual, Ameritech’s product was/is of excellent quality.” …AND

“I was so happy with my windows and sliding door, now I’m finalizing with French doors, very excited!” …AND

“I had my upstairs bedroom windows replaced a few months back. The windows are awesome, and very energy efficient. I love them so much I’m having my downstairs windows replaced too.” …AND

“We’ve trusted Ameritech with window replacements for 10 years at 2 different properties.”

If we sound like the kind of window company you’d like to do business with, we give free window consultations and quotes – you can go here to contact us to schedule your appointment.


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