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After More Than 2 Decades, The Verdict Is In…

We Install The ABSOLUTE BEST Windows In Colorado.

There are many Colorado Front Range window companies serving Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Aurora and surrounding communities. How do you know who you should contact?

Ameritech Windows has been in business for 25+ years and has completed literally thousands and thousands of projects. If you give us a chance to prove it to you with a free consultation and quote, we believe you’ll be convinced that we install the absolute best windows in Colorado (because we do!).

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The Quick Guide To The Best Replacement Window Experience In Colorado

Here’s what homeowners LOVE about our windows:

Most window companies in Denver and surrounding areas will tell you that double-pane windows are good enough. Or they will even try to say that their windows are “just as good” because of extra coatings of Low-E or other add-ons. But that’s simply not true. NO amount of manipulation of a single or double pane window will make it as good as a triple pane window. Triple-pane windows are much more energy-efficient, more secure, and significantly reduce noise inside your home.

Many windows being sold in Colorado are hollow vinyl frames (or foam-filled frames that might as well be hollow). Our windows are rock-solid with High Density Resin to reinforce our frames for super strength.

Our windows are beautifully designed. For example, the locks are elegantly integrated into the frame. (Compare this to most windows where the lock is just stuck on top of the sash, cheapening the look of the window). Our frames look vibrant and attractive and are virtually maintenance-free.

Our windows are more secure, with the extra protection of hard-to-penetrate triple-pane glass and super-strong frames. And our locks are better than typical window locks. Most locks are screwed into a hollow vinyl frame and a crowbar can remove them in about a second. Our locks are solidly anchored into the High-Density Resin inside our frames. Also, since our locks are not easily visible from outside, burglars can’t even identify where to get to them.

Most so-called “Lifetime, Limited Lifetime, Double Lifetime” warranties are vague. Not only do most of these warranties have many loopholes and exclusions, there is also often confusion on how “lifetime” is defined. Ameritech’s window warranty is different. It’s real, well-defined, and far superior to typical window warranties.

This is your home. Get the secure feeling that comes with doing business with a company that’s been around more than a quarter century, has an A+ rating with the BBB, and has 300+ Google Reviews.

If you are interested in more information about our windows and what makes them special, please visit our Windows page. Of course, the best way to understand the amazing quality of our windows is to see them for yourself. We’ll bring them to your home for a free consultation and quote – schedule an appointment now!

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