Meet Don.

Meet Don

Meet Don.

He Does The Measurements For ALL Our Projects.

Here’s Why That’s So Important. 

Many homeowners don’t realize it, but one of the most important parts of replacement window installation starts long before the actual installation day.

The first crucial step in any window replacement project is to get very precise measurements of your current window openings.

The right measurements mean you’ll get custom-made windows the exact right size for your specific project.

What may not be immediately obvious is just how important this is to get right, and what can happen when it goes wrong.

What Typically Happens If The Wrong Window Measurements Are Taken? (It’s Probably Not What You Expect).

It would be nice to think that if the windows are ordered and come in the wrong size, that your window company would own up to it and re-order the right ones. That’s probably what you’d expect.

But the truth is, unless they are wildly off, most window companies are going to go ahead with installation and just “fudge it” and make the mis-measured windows fit.

They’re not going to go through the expense and trouble of ordering new windows, and they don’t want to tell you they messed up and you’ll have to wait several more weeks for new windows.

Instead, they’ll use more trim pieces, insulation, or whatever filler they can to make the window fit if it is too small. If it is too big, they will likely alter the opening to force it in.

The best thing to do is to avoid all this by MAKING 100% SURE that window measurements are precise and done right the first time.

The best way to do that is to ALWAYS send someone with the right combination of experience, expertise, and responsible attitude.

Here’s Why Don Does All Our Project Measurements

To understand why we have one expert person doing all our measurements, you have to understand what can go wrong with other ways of handling measurements (the way many window companies in Colorado do it). Here are some examples of how it goes wrong:

  • Some companies sell and install a huge volume of mediocre windows, but then don’t have enough experienced people to maintain quality control. They find and hire inexperienced and poorly trained workers, and sometimes those folks end up doing your window measurements.
  • Another common issue is one person taking the measurements, another doing the ordering, and another in charge of the installation team. The chances for miscommunication and errors go WAY up.
  • There are also a lot of Colorado window “companies” that aren’t anything more than one guy and his truck. The owner tries to do everything – run his business, sell projects, take measurements, order windows, install them or find a temporary laborer to do it. That’s too much for one person to take on, and too many errors are made.

We avoid ALL these issues with one simple solution: Our installation manager Don does measurements for every single one of our projects.

He takes getting it right seriously, and that in part comes from a lifetime in home remodeling.

Don has been working on homes since he was 16 years old. He was even in charge of his own crew in a family business by the age of 18.

His window replacement experience is truly superb. He’s been doing it for decades, including with Ameritech since 1994.

In short, Don knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

Don doesn’t just take the measurements; he also places the order for the windows. He also oversees our installation team. In short, Don is the guy who takes responsibility to ensure that the windows are the exact right size for your home, from start to finish.

“Sometimes window measurements are tricky, and experience is really important,” Don said. “For example, there are some old windows where extra amounts of seal have to be accounted for to get a true measurement of the opening. Other times, the existing siding or trim confuses the person doing the measurements if they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Don also notes that it helps to have an encyclopedic knowledge of building codes. “If it is a bathroom window near a shower or a window near a door, you need to understand code to make sure the right window is ordered.”

Don says bad measurements don’t have to be off by a lot to end up with the wrong size window. It can lead to problems that a homeowner might not notice immediately.

“If it’s too small, most window companies are just going to use more insulation around the windows to fill gaps, and that makes it less efficient,” Don said. “On the other hand, if it is too big for the opening, they will widen the opening and then that window is going to look inconsistent compared to other windows.”

Don Believes In Doing Things The Right Way The First Time

Don is very precise when taking measurements as part of an overall philosophy of doing the job right the first time. He comes by that attitude honestly.

“My dad was a carpenter and he instilled in me to be proud of my work,” Don said. “It’s just part of my DNA.” He adds, “And, I guess I just like sleeping better at night, too.”

Don is exactly the kind of person that Ameritech has always worked hard to retain. Other window companies use a business model that involves cheaper labor, higher turnover, and temporary labor.

We’d rather treat people that right way – people who have the exact right combination of experience, integrity, and expertise – and keep them around forever. This way of doing business costs more than having an endless parade of temporary people, but we think it is worth it because our results are so much better.

This philosophy is why Don has been with us since 1994. It’s also why you can be sure you’ll get windows that precisely fit your home when you choose Ameritech Windows.

If we sound like your kind window company, you can get a free window consultation and quote – you can go here to contact us to schedule your appointment.


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