Is It Time to Replace Your Old Windows?

Is It Time to Replace Your Old Windows?

Is It Time to Replace Your Old Windows?

How often do you really look at your windows, instead of looking through them? Sometimes we take for granted the health of our windows, especially if we’ve had them for a long time. But with talk of energy efficiency surrounding the replacement window market in Boulder, CO, you may find yourself wondering if it’s time to replace your windows. Here are a few signs that might indicate it’s time for a window replacement.

Energy Bills Spiking

Have your energy bills been going up in recent years? If your windows aren’t properly sealed and are letting too much air through, you may have to crank your heating and air conditioning in order to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. This, of course, causes your heating and cooling bills to go up. If this is a problem with your windows, consider replacing them with a more energy efficient model, such as a triple pane replacement window.

Poor Operation

Old windows become more difficult to operate as they pass their lifespan. They may become tricky to open, or they may be difficult to keep open. If your window keeps trying to snap shut when you let go, that’s not just dangerous but a good sign that it’s time to replace your old windows. Take a look at the age of the windows, in fact. If they’re over 20 years old, that could be the answer to this problem.


While even the best windows might not 100% soundproof your home, they should keep out a good amount of noise pollution caused by loud neighbors or a busy street nearby. If you’re being kept awake by sounds coming from outside, that might be a sign that your windows have become worn down with time and that you need to replace your windows.

Decaying Window Frames

The glass isn’t the only part of your window that’s worth notice. If you have wood window frames, they may have become rotten or warped over time. Even vinyl or aluminium frames can become damaged in time. If your window frames need replacing, it may be time to opt for a more durable, low maintenance option for a window replacement.

Are you in need of a window replacement for your Boulder, CO, home? Contact Ameritech today for more information or a free estimate.


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