Cutting Corners: Many Replacement Windows Are Weakest Exactly Where You Can’t See It


Cutting Corners: Many Replacement Windows
Are Weakest Exactly Where You Can’t See It

Here’s something many window companies don’t like to talk about: what’s INSIDE their replacement window frames.

There are many replacement windows being sold and installed in Colorado that are either hollow vinyl frames or frames with some foam filling.

This is a shortcut on quality, plain and simple. Window companies get away with it because it is an area of the window that is not visible to the homeowner.

It’s almost like the attitude is, “hey, you can’t see it, so why would it matter?”

Well, it DOES matter, and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Windows that don’t have properly reinforced frames can end up sagging, warping, or bowing.

The reason hollow isn’t good is… well, because it’s hollow. But foam is no better.

First, foam doesn’t add any actual strength to the window frame. Foam may add a very tiny bit of energy efficiency to the frame, but the benefit to the overall efficiency of a window is insignificant.

On top of that, many times these foam-filled frames aren’t even completely filled – you’ll see a lot of gaps if you open one up (we have!). 

Windows With Only Limited Reinforcement

There are some companies that do install windows that are a little bit better than hollow or foam-filled frames. These are windows that have limited reinforcement in a few places. 

Limited reinforcement windows began being manufactured and installed after companies noticed that homeowners were reporting issues with windows failing in the same places again and again.

However, instead of reinforcing the frame throughout to make the windows as strong as possible, the “solution” was to start installing windows with limited reinforcement in only a few places.

We’re Different

At Ameritech Windows, we HATE shortcuts. 

We absolutely insist that the windows we install be the absolute best all the way through – even in the places that aren’t immediately apparent.

Our windows are reinforced throughout with High Density Resin (HDR). This is a substantial material created specifically to make a window stronger, not a foam-based material added as an afterthought.

Reinforcement with HDR is one of the main reasons are windows look just as good decades later as they do on installation day. The warping, sagging, and bowing of frames and window sashes that can occur with weaker frames is completely eliminated.

Another Benefit To A Properly Reinforced Window: MORE SECURITY

The HDR inside our frames also allows for the parts to be secured into the window much more firmly. Screw retention on our windows has been tested and far exceeds wood, aluminum, fiberglass, Fibrex and hollow vinyl frames. 

Snapping off a lock and breaking into these windows is much harder than with ordinary hollow vinyl windows.

Get Windows That Are Great All The Way Through

At Ameritech Windows when we say we install the absolute best windows in Colorado, we mean exactly what we say. And that includes everything – even the parts of the window you can’t see

If you want replacement windows from a window company that doesn’t cut corners, contact us for a free consultation and quote.


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