Why We NEVER Install Double-Pane Windows


Why We NEVER Install Double-Pane Windows

We have a simple, straightforward philosophy at Ameritech Windows: We never, ever install less than the absolute best windows on a home.

Our reasoning is not complicated: We do it because we believe that best quality windows are what’s best for our clients.

Why would we install anything less replacement windows that are best long-term value for our clients?

The Most Important Part Of Any Window

There’s a lot of things that go into having the best windows, but by far the #1 most important thing is the glass. This makes complete sense when you think about it – windows are about 87% glass.

And that’s why we never install double-pane windows. This makes us a bit of a maverick in the window industry – most window companies push double-pane windows, or at least offer that option.

We don’t, for the simple reason that triple-pane is superior in 4 key areas. When you do an apples-to-apples comparison of double pane windows vs. triple-pane, triple-pane wins every time – and it’s not even close.

Key Area #1 – Comfort & Efficiency

Homeowners who choose triple-pane windows tell us they notice an immediate difference in the comfort level of their home.

A room that used to heat up like a greenhouse now maintains a steady temperature. And those big pockets of cold air that used to accumulate near their old windows in winter are now gone.

The bottom line is that triple-pane windows keep you more comfortable, and you’ll live with the benefits of that for decades.

Just as important, triple-pane windows do a better job of saving you money on energy. One crucial thing to remember is that the extra savings off your energy bills will happen month after month. This really adds up over time – that means the accumulated savings from an extra pane of glass grow more substantial over time.

This is one of the main reasons we firmly believe that triple-pane windows are a better long-term value than double-pane windows.

(And, by the way, if anyone tells you that they can make a double-pane window just as efficient as a triple-pane by manipulating it with extra coatings of Low-E or other claims, that’s baloney. No amount of manipulation is going to make double-pane windows perform as well as triple-pane).

Key Area #2 – Peace & Quiet

There’s another issue with double-pane windows – the amount of outside noise they let in.

Compared to ordinary double-pane windows, the resistance to sound penetration of triple-pane windows is remarkable.

In fact, this is actually one of the most frequent things we hear from homeowners after triple-pane windows are installed: “WE CAN’T BELIEVE HOW MUCH QUIETER OUR HOME IS!”

One of our clients said before he replaced his windows it almost like he was sitting outside. Now he barely hears a peep.

The plain truth is that the extra pane reduces noise penetration significantly, and double-pane windows simply can’t match the peace and quiet of triple-pane windows.

Key Area #3 – Security

The other consideration with replacement windows is security. A window is one of the most vulnerable spots of your home, so the harder they are to break into, the safer your home is.

And the plain truth is that triple-pane windows are harder to breach than double-pane windows. You can’t easily remove the glass like you can with many single or double pane windows. And breaking through all those panes is much harder, too.

One big reason our windows are better for security is because we have glazing bead on the interior of the window, while most replacement windows have it on the exterior. When the glazing bead is on the exterior of a window, an intruder can quickly remove the glazing bead and then easily remove the panes of glass quietly. And they can do it in a matter of a minute or two.

How You Can Know For Sure Triple-Pane Really Is Better (The Common Sense Test)

You know we sometimes hear about other window sales guys telling homeowners, “Double-pane windows are just as good as triple-pane windows.”

All we ask is that you put that statement to the “Common Sense Test.”

As was mentioned above, a window is about 87% glass. And if so much of a window’s comfort, quiet, and security are about the glass, you don’t have to be a Stephen Hawking to calculate that three is going to be better than two.

So if one of those double-pane window sales guys tells you that his window is just as good, tell him you can count to three!

Would you like to get a free consultation and quote on our triple-pane windows? We’ve got the best ones in Colorado. Contact Us to schedule a quote.


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