Why Our 40 Year Window Warranty Is Actually Better Than “Lifetime” Warranties


Why Our 40 Year Window Warranty
Is Actually Better Than “Lifetime” Warranties

At first glance, choosing a “Lifetime” window warranty over any other kind of warranty seems like a no-brainer.

If it’s LIFETIME coverage… what could be better than that?

Well, It turns out that our manufacturer’s 40-year Window Warranty is better than the warranties that claim to be lifetime.

The problem is that most window replacement companies are pretty casual about how they use the word “lifetime.” When you dig into the details of most of these warranties, the details are often unclear or significantly limit what’s actually covered.

Our manufacturer’s window warranty is the exact opposite of vague and uncertain. It’s totally transparent, in writing, and you’ll have full coverage for four decades.

But let’s get more specific. Here are 3 key weaknesses to watch out for when you hear the word “lifetime.”


Not every Lifetime Warranty is pro-rated, but some are. It’s important that homeowners are aware of this issue so they can protect themselves from a bad decision.

With a pro-rated window warranty, the percentage reimbursement for a warranty claim will decline over time. This type of structure allows a window company to claim the warranty is “lifetime” because technically there is at least some coverage indefinitely.

Here’s an example of how a pro-rated warranty actually works. During the first phase of the warranty, a window defect would be repaired or replaced without cost. After that brief initial period, the homeowner would need to pay a fraction of the cost of any repair or replacement, and the homeowner’s percentage keeps increasing over the lifetime of the warranty.

This means by the end of that “lifetime warranty” you could have to pay as much as 90 to 95% of the cost for repair or replacement!

We do things a lot more transparently. With our window warranty, you have the EXACT SAME coverage 40 years later as you do on day one.


This is the most common problem with window warranties. There is so much fine print it can be hard to really know what parts are covered and for how long.

Adding to the problem are vague clauses that give the window companies a ton of wiggle room. The vagueness gives the window company the power to arbitrarily deem a problem as “not covered by the warranty.”

For example, we’ve even seen warranties that exclude coverage for “normal weathering.” That’s an exception big enough to drive a semi-truck through!

Another loophole to watch out for: many of these “lifetime” warranties also can be voided by improper installation.

Guess what that means? If there is a defect in your window, the manufacturer and installer can get into a finger-pointing contest with you stuck in the middle.

We’re different. Our manufacturer’s warranty is completely clear, and we don’t play games with coverage. The glass is covered. The frame is covered. All the key components are covered. It’s peace of mind to have a well-defined warranty with great coverage, as opposed to a “lifetime” warranty loaded with vague clauses and hard to understand jargon.


Here’s another reason to be cautious about claims of lifetime coverage – the exact definition of lifetime is often left undefined. We’ve seen window warranties called “lifetime,” “limited lifetime,” and “double lifetime,” yet usually the exact nature of what constitutes lifetime is left either fuzzy or never defined at all.

With our iron-clad, written manufacturer’s warranty, you have 40 years of full coverage. There’s no question about how long your warranty lasts. Zero confusion. Zero uncertainty.

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