Replacement Windows Terminology

Replacement Windows Terminology

Replacement Windows Terminology

Any new experience is bound to come with terminology that you may never have heard before, and that includes shopping for replacement windows. In order to make the best decision, you want to be informed, but that can be hard to do when every window description is full of industry terms that you just don’t hear in your daily life. Fortunately, we have you covered. Here are some of the terms you’ll hear most often when searching for replacement windows:

Energy Efficiency

This is a key buzzword in the world of replacement windows. Energy efficiency determines how well insulated your home is, so that you can conserve energy in terms of electric lighting or heating and cooling. The better a window insulates your home, the less your heating and cooling will have to work to reach the desired temperature, so your home will stay comfortable while your energy bills stay low. This makes energy efficient windows a popular investment.

Gas Fillings

Some replacement windows contain gas fillings in between the panes of glass (see “panes” for more information) in order to slow the flow of air from one side of the window to the other. This can help to insulate your home and to avoid things like window condensation. The gas is always non-toxic and odorless, typically either argon or krypton gas. At Ameritech, we use a blend of argon and krypton gas.


Some replacement windows only have one main pane of glass, while others have multiple panes of glass for added insulation and energy efficiency. Double pane windows use two panes of glass, an inner and outer pane with argon or krypton non-toxic gas in between each pane to slow the flow of air and prevent heat loss or solar heat gain. Triple pane windows include an additional pane in between the inner and outer panes, adding a second chamber of dead air, making them the most energy efficient options available.


You’ll probably see reference to “sashes” when it comes to replacement windows. A sash is the name for the sections of your window in which the panes of glass are held. If you have a single hung window, you’ll only have one sash moving up and down. With the popular double hung window choice, the window will be made up of two fully operable sashes, one which moves and the other which moves down. Awning window sashes move outward from the bottom, while casement window sashes move outward from the side. Picture windows have fixed sashes that don’t move.

Want to demystify the replacement window shopping process further? Contact Ameritech Windows today for more information or a free quote.


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