Don’t Replace Your Windows Until You Know These 3 Things


Don’t Replace Your Windows Until
You Know These 3 Things

Here Are 3 Key Questions All Colorado Front Range Homeowners
Should Ask Before Replacing Windows

There are a lot of different ways to approach window replacement. 

You can call up as many different Colorado window companies as you want to come to your home and give you a presentation and quote.

Or you can spend a lot of time doing online research.

Or you can search for just the right sale or special.

But all that can take a lot of time, and often you end up even more confused than before you started. 

A better way to approach home window replacement is to focus on just 3 key things. Find out the quality of the window themselves; know who will be doing the installation; and learn what kind of warranty you have on the product. 

Here’s are the 3 specific questions you need to ask when it comes time to replace your windows:

#1 Product Quality Question: Will your windows have triple-pane glass?

A window has many important components. For example, a frame should be durable and very strong, including High Density Resin reinforcement.

But to get right to the heart of the matter with windows, the biggest differentiator is glass. After all, a window is about 87% glass. That’s why you should insist that all your replacement windows come with triple-pane glass.

Replacing your windows is the perfect opportunity to significantly improve in-home comfort and get better energy savings, and triple-pane windows are the best way to do it.

#2 Installation Expertise Question: Who will be installing your windows?

It’s an unfortunate part of the window industry that most companies see a high degree of turnover, particularly among the installers. 

This leads to companies scrambling to find people who can get the job done right. It can even mean people who lack the necessary skills showing up to your home to install your new windows.

Always ask any Colorado Front Range window company about the expertise of your installers. The answers you want to hear is that they have installers with years and years of window installation experience.

At Ameritech Windows, we have an installation manager that has been with us since 1995, and several other installers with 10+ years’ experience. 

For more information about this, visit our Worry Free Installation page.

Section#3 Product Guarantee Question: What are the details of the window warranty?

When it comes to windows and the protecting your investment, you should find out exactly how long your warranty is for and what the fine print says.

Window warranties often go by many names and are sometimes referred to as Lifetime or Limited Lifetime or “Double” Lifetime. While there are some differences in the details, when you read these warranties closely, they pretty much all have similar weaknesses.

Some warranties are pro-rated, meaning they aren’t a true lifetime warranty with full coverage for the entire length of the warranty period. Another problem with many “lifetime” warranties is that the actual length of the warranty is often not specified. It is all left very vague.

Even worse can be the fine print. Homeowners should be aware of any and all exclusions that are written into the warranty.

The loopholes get so bad that some even exclude coverage for “normal weathering.” That’s a pretty wide exclusion!

The best thing a homeowner can do if find a window with a warranty that is absolutely clear as to the length of coverage and that clearly spells out any exceptions or exclusions to coverage.

If you’d like to learn more about the warranty that comes with the windows we install, visit our Window Warranty page.

There’s no need to drive yourself crazy when shopping for replacement windows. If you simply focus on these 3 key things, you’ll end up with window results you love.

Would you like a free quote on your window replacement project? Contact us.


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