Deciding Between Double-Pane And Triple-Pane Windows


How To Decide Between Double-Pane
& Triple-Pane Windows

Colorado Front Range Homeowners Can See
The ‘Triple-Pane Difference’ With A Free Consultation

Many times homeowners don’t get all the information they need from window companies to make an educated decision about which replacement windows are best.

One of the most common gaps of knowledge is not understanding the difference between triple-pane and double-pane glass. Most Colorado Front Range window contractors recommend double-pane windows because that is the standard, average recommendation.

We’ll be very upfront with you about our thoughts on double-pane vs. triple-pane. At Ameritech Windows we so firmly believe in triple-pane glass that we won’t install windows unless they have 3 panes.

There are several reasons for this, but the only way to really understand the difference is to get a free consultation where we can show you the quality of triple-pane compared to a double-pane, and even provide you with a demonstration of how great this glass is.

You can go here to request a free consultation and quote.

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Why We Are So Sure Triple-Pane Windows Are The Best Choice

At Ameritech Windows, we’ve been in business for more than a quarter century. During those decades, we’ve seen again and again that triple-pane windows outperform double-pane windows in every key area.

First, we know triple-pane windows are more energy-efficient than double-pane windows. Simply put, an extra pane makes a big difference in letting less energy escape out your windows.

Those savings add up over time, and it’s why we believe we are doing right by our customers by only installing ‘green-friendly’ triple pane windows.

Saving money is great, but of course it’s not the only reason to choose triple-pane glass.

It’s also about comfort. Triple-pane glass replacement windows minimize heat transfer, which keeps the temperature in all your rooms comfortable – even in rooms that get a lot of sun or may be more exposed to the cold.

The truth is old windows allow in too way much heat in the summer, making many parts of your home feel more like a greenhouse than a comfortable living space. And then in cold months, drafts and too much heat loss combine to create big pockets of cold air in your own home.

There’s no reason to settle for double-pane windows that underperform when compared to triple-pane glass.

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There are 2 other benefits that can help you decide between double-pane and triple-pane windows.

One is security. The truth is triple-pane windows make it much harder to break into your home. It is harder to remove the glass when compared to single or double pane windows. And breaking through 3 panes is also much more difficult.

The other thing homeowners find when they compare double-pane vs triple-pane windows is that triple-panes will keep your home quieter. Many homeowners are pleasantly surprised at the difference these new windows make – outside noise becomes much less.

You’ll have a more peaceful and quiet home interior with your new windows.

Of course, the best way to understand the quality of a triple-pane window is to see it for yourself. We’d be happy to show you with an in-home demonstration and a free quote. Contact us.

P.S. – Ameritech Windows is having a special this month – our triple-pane windows at double-pane prices. Offer expires soon: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS].


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