New Energy-efficient windows for the Sverdrup family in Aurora, CO


The Sverdrup family of Aurora, Colorado, is one of many loyal customers of Ameritech Windows. For over ten years, the Sverdrups have trusted Ameritech Windows to provide energy-efficient windows for their 1994 home. It all began when the family had Ameritech replace an old sliding patio door and a dining room window because they felt these areas had the worst drafts in their home.

The Sverdrups were very pleased with the results, as Ameritech windows provided excellent ventilation with the top section of the double hung windows being able to be lowered. Five years later in 2019, Ameritech was called back to replace the bedroom windows in the Sverdrup home.

Now, a decade after Ameritech first did some work for the Sverdrups, they have finally replaced the kitchen and living room windows. The Sverdrups have been very pleased with the energy-efficiency of the windows, as well as the lasting quality that Ameritech Windows have provided. In addition, Ameritech Windows offers free estimates, so the family can be sure they are getting the best value for their money.

When the Sverdrup’s were looking to replace their windows, they knew they wanted something that would provide energy-efficiency as well as lasting quality. Ameritech Windows was able to provide both with their double hung windows, offering excellent ventilation and ensuring the windows will last a long time.

The Sverdrup family of Aurora, Colorado has been a very satisfied customer of Ameritech Windows for over ten years. From replacing old windows to providing energy-efficient windows, Ameritech Windows has been trusted by the Sverdrup family time and time again. With free estimates offered, Ameritech Windows has been able to provide the Sverdrup family with the best value for their money. With energy-efficiency, lasting quality, and excellent ventilation, the Sverdrup family can have the peace of mind knowing that their windows will last for many years to come.

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