O’Brien family new patio doors for their Fort Collins CO home


The O’Brien family was in the market for new patio doors for their Fort Collins, CO home and they contacted Ameritech Windows for a free estimate. We were more than happy to come out to their home and provide them with a quote for the job.

When we arrived at the O’Brien home, we could immediately tell that the existing patio doors had been there for many years and had not been replaced in quite some time. They were installed in a way that didn’t make any sense and we knew that they would need to be replaced. The O’Brien’s were looking to upgrade to triple pane to keep their home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They also wanted the additional security features that their previous doors lacked.

We discussed the different types of patio doors that we offer, and after some consideration, the O’Brien’s decided to go with our highest quality door. It featured triple pane glass, a light woodgrain interior, and a beautiful bronze finish with multi-point locks for added security. The O’Brien’s were very pleased with the look of the new doors and the added security features.

The installation process went smoothly and the O’Brien’s were delighted with the way their new patio doors looked. The upgraded doors made their home look much more modern and they were extremely pleased with the energy efficiency that the triple pane glass provided. The O’Brien’s were so happy with their new doors that they recommended Ameritech Windows to their friends and family.

At Ameritech Windows, we are always pleased to provide our customers with high quality products and services. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with the O’Brien family on their patio door replacement project and we look forward to helping them with any future window and door needs. If you are looking for new windows or doors for your Fort Collins home, please Contact Ameritech Windows at (303) 444-1998 for a free estimate.


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