What To Look For In A Replacement Window Warranty


What To Look For In A
Replacement Window Warranty

Denver Homeowners Can Get A Reliable Window Warranty

Homeowners who make the investment in new windows for their home deserve to have real guarantees that protect them in case something goes wrong.

Pretty much every window comes with a warranty, but not all warranties are created equal. In fact, even warranties that sound very similar actually can be very different.

The 3 Crucial Questions You Need To Ask About Any Window Warranty

Question #1 How Long Is The Coverage Actually For?

At first, this would seem like fairly straightforward information to get, but it can actually get confusing.

This is because words like ‘Lifetime,’ ‘Limited Lifetime,’ and ‘Double Lifetime’ are often used to describe replacement window warranties. But there are two things to be aware of when this language is used.

First, it’s not unheard of for warranties to be pro-rated. The amount of your coverage declines by percentages over time. So it’s called a ‘lifetime’ warranty, but the coverage greatly reduces as time goes by. 

Even when a warranty is not pro-rated, many of these Lifetime warranties are very unclear of how long the coverage is for – what “lifetime” means is often left undefined.

It is better for homeowners when it is crystal clear that you get full coverage and for a well-defined period of time. 

As an example, windows installed by Ameritech Windows come with a warranty that gives you the same coverage on day 1 as it does in 40 years. For more about this window warranty, please visit our Window Warranty page.

Question #2 What Exactly Is In The Fine Print?

Denver homeowners need to be very aware of what their window warranty actually says. Many warranties have a lot of fine print that lists the exclusions to coverage.

To give you an idea of just how far this can go, there are some window warranties that have excluded coverage for any problems due to “normal weathering.” It’s a fair question to ask: if issues from normal weathering aren’t covered, is that really any coverage at all?

Even when the loopholes in a warranty are not this extreme, there can be a lot of exclusions that significantly undermine the quality of the warranty. 

Almost every warranty has a few exclusions, but the key for a homeowner is to read and understand it. A few reasonable qualifications are fine, but all major components of the window should be covered completely for the life of the warranty.

Question #3 How Many Years Has Your Window Company Been In Business?

Some Denver and Colorado Front Range window companies will tell you that it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been in business when it comes to your warranty. 

The warranty is typically from the manufacturer, so the homeowner is covered even if the window contractor goes out of business.

This is technically true, but as a practical matter it is much easier for a homeowner to be able to call on the window company that originally installed the windows for assistance.

Any reputable Denver and Colorado Front Range window company is going to stand behind the windows and help with your manufacturer warranty claim.

Homeowners who do their due diligence and ask the right questions about window warranties get peace of mind that their home investment will be protected.

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