The Colorado Homeowners 2019 Guide To Choosing Replacement Windows


2019 Guide to Choosing
Replacement Windows In Colorado

Look For Triple-Pane Glass, Reinforced Frames,
& Experienced Installers

Choosing replacement windows for your home doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

Once you have new windows installed, it’s a great feeling knowing that you have found the best possible windows. You can get those results by focusing on just a few key areas.

With so many Colorado Front Range window companies to choose from, you can use this homeowners guide to sort through your options and not get stuck with an inferior product on your home.

The 2019 Guide to Choosing Replacement Windows

Here are the key things to consider when replacing your windows:


This first thing to focus on is the most obvious – windows are mostly glass! So it only makes sense that the quality of your glass is by far the most important element to consider when you begin comparing windows. 

Homeowners have a choice of single, double, or triple pane glass.

Forget about single-pane altogether – the energy efficiency and performance of these type of windows is just plain poor. 

Double-pane is a little better, but you are still not getting the best-quality windows for your home.

Triple-pane is the best you can get, and glass is where you want to invest in the absolute best. Triple-pane is the key to more in-home comfort, more energy savings, and reduced outside sound penetration.

Another bonus with triple pane windows is that they are more secure, because they are more difficult to remove or break, which deters intruders.

For more information, visit our Triple-Pane Windows page.


While not as important as glass, the quality of the frame is still crucial.

Many window frames sold today are hollow vinyl frames. Or sometimes some foam is added inside, which really doesn’t do anything significant to the strength or efficiency of a replacement window.

The best frames have strong reinforcement throughout (not just in a few places). The best reinforcement uses High Density Resin inside the frame.


The next question you want to consider as you shop for windows is, “How much work will this window require in terms of maintenance?” Most homeowners want low-maintenance windows; windows that are easy to clean and don’t require painting.

Homeowners should be aware that just because a window is low maintenance, it doesn’t make it a quality window. Still, it is a good question to ask about windows as something you should know before purchasing.


In addition to the above features, you also want your windows to look good. The nice thing is that the highest-quality windows are also the most attractive windows. If a window is triple pane, has a well-crafted frame that is reinforced with High Density Resin, you can be sure it will be a beautiful window, too.

The beauty and quality of the best windows really stand out – you’ll literally be able to see the difference.


A warranty is another key piece to consider when choosing replacement windows.

The #1 thing homeowners need is to understand the DETAILS of a warranty.

A warranty may say lifetime but find out if it is pro-rated (this is where coverage declines over time). And even if it’s not pro-rated, find out what lifetime actually means. Many times it is left vague and you’re not actually sure how long your coverage is.

Finally, be sure to read the fine print. Sometimes the exclusions are numerous and significant.

Always look for a warranty that is very specific as to how long it covers, and that doesn’t have a bunch of loopholes and exclusions.

For more about warranties, visit our Window Warranty page.


There’s one last thing homeowners need to consider to get great replacement results: who is doing the installation?

First, always check the reputation of any Colorado Front Range window company before you do business with them. 

Are they A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau? Do they have hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google? Have they been in business for decades? 

The answers to these questions will go a long way to telling you about the professionalism you can expect during installation.

Turnover and installers with little experience are also a big problem in the window industry. Be sure to ask questions about the experience of the installation manager, who will be measuring your windows, and how long the installers have been working with windows.


Now it’s time for a free consultation and quote for replacement windows. There’s no risk or obligation, so go here to request a quote.


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