A Dramatic Transformation: Window and Door Installation in Aurora


At Ameritech Windows Denver, we love nothing more than helping our clients transform their homes. One of our most memorable projects was for Cory and Aimee, a lovely couple living in a charming house in Aurora. Their home, built in 1966, had seen better days. The windows and doors were drafty, inefficient, and outdated. They needed a change, and we were more than ready to help.

The Initial Consultation

When Cory and Aimee first reached out to us, they expressed their concerns about their home’s energy efficiency. They were tired of feeling the cold drafts during the winter months and knew that their old windows and doors were to blame. After hearing their concerns, we set up an initial consultation at their Aurora home to assess the situation.

During the consultation, we took note of the state of their windows and doors. It was clear that they were not only inefficient but also detracted from the overall aesthetic of their beautiful home. We discussed various options for window and door replacements that would not only improve energy efficiency but also enhance the look of their home.

Window Installation in Aurora: The Transformation Begins

After finalizing the details with Cory and Aimee, our team got to work on transforming their home. We started with the window installation process. Our team removed the old windows carefully to avoid any damage to the surrounding areas. Then, we installed new, energy-efficient windows that were not only functional but also added a modern touch to their home.

The difference was immediately noticeable. The new windows provided a clear view of the outdoors, and the drafts were no longer an issue. Cory and Aimee were thrilled with the results.

The Door Installation: A Dramatic Difference

Next, we moved on to the door installation. The old doors were replaced with modern, energy-efficient ones that matched the style of their home perfectly. The new doors made a dramatic difference in both the appearance and comfort of their home. Cory and Aimee were especially impressed with this part of the transformation.

Post-Installation: A Happy Ending

A couple of weeks after the installation, Cory and Aimee reached out to us again. They were so pleased with our work that they decided to order more windows and doors for other parts of their house. We were delighted to continue working with them, further enhancing their beautiful Aurora home.


Our team at Ameritech Windows Denver takes pride in delivering top-quality window and door installation services. We love seeing the transformation of homes like Cory and Aimee’s – from old and drafty to modern and energy-efficient. If you’re looking for window installation in Aurora or need new doors for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at +1 303-586-6156 or visit our website at Let us help you transform your home into a comfortable, energy-efficient haven.


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