Replacing Old Windows for the Kimzey Family in Ward, CO

Case Study: Breathing New Life into the Kimzey Home – A Window Replacement Journey in Ward, CO

In the scenic town of Ward, CO, nestled among serene landscapes and historic homes, stands the Kimzey family’s abode. A 1925-built gem, this residence exuded charm, history, and a story waiting to be retold. The owners, Will and Megan Kimzey, renowned landscapers with a knack for aesthetics, met Ameritech Windows during their visit to the ProGreen EXPO earlier this year. Their home’s nearly century-old wood windows had stood the test of time but now displayed clear signs of wear and age. These windows had started to betray the home’s structural integrity, resulting in discomfort and rising energy bills for the Kimzeys.

The Challenge:

The age of the windows was evident: drafts seeped through, energy costs were escalating, and their structural deformity – with openings no longer maintaining a 90-degree angle – presented a unique challenge. The Kimzey’s, while passionate about restoring their home, were skeptical. The irregular window structures had them convinced that a satisfactory replacement was near-impossible.

The Ameritech Solution:

Having listened intently to the Kimzey’s concerns, our team assured them that their problem was not insurmountable. With Ameritech’s expertise, no challenge is too great.

1. Customized Fitting for Irregular Structures:

The Kimzey home, given its age, had windows that defied the regular symmetries one might expect in modern houses. However, our skilled installation team took precise measurements and crafted windows tailored to fit these unique openings. We emphasized that while the window structures were uncommon, such installs were “right in our wheelhouse.”

2. Combatting Drafts and Energy Loss:

One of the most significant grievances the Kimzeys had was the constant draft and the subsequent high energy bills. We recommended and installed our top-of-the-line, energy-efficient windows. Designed to provide optimum insulation, these windows effectively sealed the home against external temperature fluctuations, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment and reducing energy consumption.

3. Restoring Aesthetics without Compromising History:

For homeowners like the Kimzeys, who valued both functionality and aesthetics, the challenge was to replace the old windows without diminishing the home’s historical charm. Ameritech’s range of window designs catered to this exact need, seamlessly blending the old-world charisma of their residence with modern functionality.

The Outcome:

Post-installation, the transformation was palpable. Not only had the drafts disappeared, but the Kimzeys also started observing a noticeable decrease in their energy bills. The newly installed windows fit perfectly, putting to rest the Kimzeys’ initial apprehensions.

But the most significant outcome was the renewed trust and peace of mind. The Kimzeys, once skeptical about the project’s feasibility, were now thrilled with the outcome. Their appreciation for our expertise and commitment was evident, and they could now enjoy the comfort of their historic home without compromise.


The journey with the Kimzey family stands as a testament to Ameritech Windows’ dedication to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. By merging modern solutions with respect for history and individual homeowner needs, we ensure that every home we touch retains its essence while embracing the future.