New windows for Mr & Mrs. Cotsworth in Evergreen, CO


In the picturesque town of Evergreen, Colorado, Jim and his wife had owned their 1967-built home for about 8 years. Full of charm and character, the Cotsworths’ home was their haven, but it was not without its quirks. The existing windows were particularly problematic, proving to be very drafty and inefficient. Additionally, the couple found themselves in need of more ventilation, something that was becoming more apparent with time.

The Cotsworths’ connection with Ameritech Windows began with a phone call. Jim’s personality shone through right from the beginning. Since retiring, he had taken up building fantastic outdoor benches, a hobby that demonstrated his appreciation for craftsmanship and quality materials. He humorously commented that he didn’t want windows built out of “bubble gum and popsicle sticks.” We assured him there was no need to worry about that; Ameritech’s reputation was built on providing the very best.

Our initial consultation with the Cotsworths was an exercise in understanding their specific needs and expectations. We listened to their concerns about drafts and inefficiency and explored solutions that would not only address these issues but also add value and aesthetics to their home.

The selection process was collaborative, and Jim’s keen eye for quality was evident. He wanted windows that would stand the test of time, much like his meticulously crafted outdoor benches. We presented options that met their criteria for durability, energy efficiency, and ventilation.

The installation process was smooth and efficient. Our team of skilled professionals approached the task with the care and precision that the Cotsworths’ home deserved. We were mindful of their daily routine, ensuring minimal disruption, and kept them informed at every stage.

When the installation was complete, the transformation was not just visual but also tangible. The drafts were gone, replaced by a warm and comfortable ambiance that the Cotsworths hadn’t felt in years. The new windows provided the much-needed ventilation, enhancing the overall living experience in their home.

Evergreen CO Home Windows

Jim’s reaction was a testament to our work: “Much more than a great job. Outstanding!” he exclaimed. His words were more than just a compliment; they were a validation of our commitment to quality and our ability to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

But our relationship with the Cotsworths didn’t end with the installation. They expressed interest in having us take care of their entry doors too, and we look forward to continuing to serve them in the future.

The story of Mr. & Mrs. Cotsworth in Evergreen is not just about replacing windows; it’s about understanding our clients, honoring their unique preferences, and delivering a product and service that resonates with their values.

At Ameritech Windows, we take pride in our craftsmanship, our dedication to quality, and our personalized approach. The Cotsworths’ experience reinforces our belief in the importance of these principles and motivates us to continue providing outstanding solutions to our community.

Their satisfaction is our reward, and their home, now free from drafts and filled with the fresh mountain air of Evergreen, is a living testament to what Ameritech Windows stands for. It’s not just about windows; it’s about building connections, enhancing lives, and crafting homes that reflect the personalities and passions of those who live in them.


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