New Windows for the Romero family in Denver, CO


New Windows for the Romero Family in Denver, CO
: An Ameritech Windows Experience

In the heart of Denver, CO, amidst its rich history and vibrant urban setting, sits a home from 1974, lovingly owned by the Romero family. Having been its proud caretakers for around five years, the Romeros recognized the pressing need for renovation when they first acquired it. Among the list of home improvements, replacing the windows and patio door stood out as a priority.

The house bore testimony to numerous memories and changes, both in its structure and design. An unfortunately subpar patio door was one such addition, apparently added just before the Romeros moved in. While it was quite new in appearance, its poor quality was evident. The unsightly wooden-clad bay window was another concern, its age showing more prominently than the family would have liked. The Romeros knew that for their home to truly reflect their style and ensure long-lasting quality, these aspects had to be addressed.

Denver Replacement Windows by Ameritech Windows

Before connecting with Ameritech Windows, the Romero family, in their diligent pursuit of perfection, had already sought a couple of Denver New Window estimates. This is a wise approach when dealing with home renovations, as it gives homeowners a broader perspective on cost, design, and quality. But when they approached us at Ameritech Windows, it wasn’t just about the numbers. It was about understanding their needs, aligning with their vision, and delivering unmatched quality in both products and service.

One of their significant decisions was to opt for our large patio door. Our patio doors are designed with the modern homeowner in mind, emphasizing aesthetics without compromising on quality. These doors are not just about the look; they promise durability, energy efficiency, and enhanced security, ensuring that families like the Romeros feel safe and comfortable.

The challenge, however, was the wooden-clad bay window. Bay windows, with their protruding design and panoramic view, are often beloved features of a home. But the Romeros’ bay window was visibly old and lacked the elegance and functionality they desired. They made the brave choice of removing it altogether.

Old Bay Window Replaced

Now, erasing a bay window isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s not just about removal but ensuring that the space left behind seamlessly blends with the rest of the home. That’s where our expert installers at Ameritech Windows stepped in. With years of experience under their belts, our team is adept at handling complex installations and renovations.

Our process began with a thorough consultation, understanding the Romeros’ expectations, and assessing the architectural challenges the bay window posed. By carefully deconstructing the window and treating the space, we were determined to make it look like the bay window was never a part of the home’s history.

As the days of work progressed, the Romeros watched as their old home transformed, shedding remnants of its past and embracing a contemporary feel. The spot where the bay window once stood was now a harmonious part of their home’s facade. It was a testament to the skills of our Ameritech Windows team and the trust the Romero family placed in us.

By the project’s completion, what stood out was not just the absence of the bay window or the sleek design of the new patio door. It was the satisfaction, the smiles, and the renewed pride the Romero family felt for their home.

This project with the Romeros is more than just another installation for us at Ameritech Windows. It represents our commitment to transforming houses into dream homes. We understand that every family, like every home, is unique. Our goal is to bring to life the visions our clients have for their spaces. With the foundation of trust, expertise, and unmatched product quality, we aim to build lasting relationships with families across Denver and beyond.

So, if you find yourself in a position similar to the Romeros, contemplating a change, seeking quality, and desiring expert craftsmanship, we invite you to reach out to us. At Ameritech Windows, we’re more than just a window replacement company; we’re partners in your home renovation journey.

Feel free to give us a call at (303) 444-1998 for a free estimate and let us help you craft a story as memorable as the one we shared with the Romero family.


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