Simer Family, Carr, CO whole house of windows


In the vast plains of Carr, CO, the Simer family faced an unexpected challenge with their newly built home in 2022. Just a year after they moved in, the thrill of their new abode turned to dismay as the builder-grade windows, particularly those at the rear of the house, proved to be inadequate. As the elements waged a subtle war against the Simers’ comfort and the home’s energy efficiency, Ameritech Windows, a trusted Denver replacement window company, received a call that would mark the beginning of a transformative journey for the Simers’ residence.

Ameritech Windows, renowned for their expertise and customer-centric approach, immediately recognized the plight of the Simer family. The company’s reputation for quality work and robust, energy-efficient windows preceded them, and their phone number, (303) 444-1998, became a beacon of hope for homeowners seeking respite from subpar construction materials.

Upon receiving the free estimate from Ameritech, the Simers decided to first tackle the problematic windows at the back of their house. The summer of 2023 thus marked the commencement of a significant overhaul. The installation team from Ameritech, equipped with precision, skill, and the finest window technology, meticulously replaced the faulty windows. The new, high-grade windows not only rectified the inefficiencies of the previous installation but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the Simers’ home, bringing a new sense of pride and comfort.

The impact of the replacement was profound. The Simer family immediately noticed a stark difference in their home’s insulation, the stability of indoor temperatures, and a significant reduction in their energy bills. These benefits, coupled with the seamless experience provided by Ameritech’s dedicated professionals, led the Simers to an undeniable conclusion: the rest of the windows, especially those at the front of the house, deserved the same upgrade.

New Windows for Carr, CO house

Without hesitation, the Simer family once again enlisted Ameritech Windows to bring their exceptional services to the front of their home. The company, with its unwavering commitment to excellence, replicated the successful installation process for the front-facing windows. As the project concluded, the entire house stood as a testament to superior workmanship and the transformative power of quality replacement windows.

Buoyed by the success of the window replacements, the Simer family decided to take their home improvement a step further. They reached out to Ameritech once more, this time to replace their front and back entry doors. It was a decision that would not only reinforce their home’s energy efficiency but also elevate its security and curb appeal.

Ameritech Windows, through the Simer family’s case, solidified its position as a leader in the replacement window industry. The company’s ability to deliver on its promises, paired with its high-quality products and customer service, made a profound impact on the Simers’ quality of life and on their home’s value. This case study is a powerful endorsement of Ameritech’s claim that the right investment in your home can indeed turn a disaster into a dream come true.


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