The Important Benefits Of Triple-Pane Windows


The 4 Key Benefits Of Triple-Pane Windows

Comfort, Energy Savings, Noise Reduction, & Security Are
All Better When You Choose Triple-Pane Windows

It’s well-known that triple-pane windows are better than single or double-pane options, but what specific benefits will you see?

Here are the 4 key benefits that homeowners with triple-pane windows say they enjoy the most:

Triple-Pane Benefit #1 – In-Home Comfort

With older windows, or windows with less panes of glass, it is a common experience to have temperatures vary quite a bit from room to room. You may have a room that gets very hot during the summer months because it gets more sun and too much of that heat transfers through the window glass.

You may have other rooms that are too chilly in the winter because your single or double-pane windows let too much heat escape out through the glass (glass is of course the easiest place for energy to escape your home).

The most important thing for in-home comfort is the quality of the glass in the windows. Homeowners who choose triple-pane glass cite more comfort as the #1 reason to do it.

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Triple-Pane Benefit #2 – Energy Savings That Keep Adding Up

With the additional comfort provided by triple-pane windows, it’s no surprise that energy savings go right along with that.

What is sometimes overlooked is how these energy savings add up over time. Whatever replacement windows you choose, they’ll be on your home decade after decade (assuming you choose high-quality windows!).

That means every month for decades the savings with triple-pane windows accumulate. It’s almost like your windows are paying you back for making a wise investment.

Triple-Pane Benefit #3 – More Peace And Quiet

If you’ve lived with single or double-pane windows for a while, chances are you’ve gotten used to a decent amount of outside noise penetrating your home.

Maybe it happens at night with a loud car going by or a noisy party waking you up. Maybe during the day you hear garbage trucks and landscaping crews at a higher volume inside your home.

Triple-pane windows muffle outside noise quite a bit more than other choices. You’ll be happily surprised by how much more peaceful the inside of your home is.

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Triple-Pane Benefit #4 – Security

Plain and simple, triple-pane windows are harder for the bad guys to get through. One technique used in break-ins is to remove the glass. Triple-pane glass makes this nearly impossible.

And if they get the idea to simply smash through glass, that’s much harder with three panes.

This is the kind of benefit that you don’t think about on a daily basis, but having your home more secure can end up being one of the most important benefits of all.

You can better understand the superior quality and benefits of a triple-pane window when you see them for yourself and talk about them with an expert.

We’d be happy to give you a free consultation and quote. There’s no risk – request a quote now.


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