New Energy Efficient Windows for the Watson Family in Boulder


The Watson family in Boulder just replaced all of their old, drafty windows with new, energy efficient Ameritech Windows and they couldn’t be happier! The difference in their home’s comfort level is astounding and the decrease in their energy bill has been a welcome surprise.

The old windows were replaced with Ameritech’s top-of-the-line, vinyl windows that come with a lifetime warranty. Not only are they beautiful and completely custom-made to fit the Watson’s home, but they are also very energy efficient.

The Ameritech Windows that the Watson family chose have an R-value of 6.5, which means that they are extremely effective at keeping the heat in during the winter and the cool air in during the summer. With the old windows, the Watson family’s home was always drafty and uncomfortable; now, it’s the perfect temperature all year round due to their new Boulder replacement windows!

Here’s why the Watsons love their new Ameritech Windows windows:

  • With new windows the Watons can no longer hear the swamp cooler and the neighbors!
  • They don’t have to dust but once every other week becuase dust is not getting in through the windows
  • They maintained the sam utility bill as last year even through the heat of the summer and the inflation!
  • They said quite a few times this summer that they were cold and had to let some heat in to the home!
  • They no longer hear the jets fly over head like they used to.
  • Also they said the installers were courteous, and extremely efficient. 

The Watson’s finished the rest of the house with new Ameritech Windows!

Boulder New Energy Efficient Windows for the Watsons!

The best part of the whole experience was the free estimate that Ameritech Windows provided. They were able to come to the Watson’s home, measure the windows, and provide a detailed estimate without any obligation. They even offered to waive the cost of the windows if the Watson family decided to go with Ameritech!

If you’re looking for a new, energy efficient window, Ameritech Windows is the company for you. They offer free estimates and have a wide variety of top-of-the-line windows to choose from. Give them a call today!


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