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I have had some issues with the windows in my home opening and closing, which is why I started looking for companies to replace them. I went to a farmer’s market where I heard about 2 companies, Ameritech Windows & Anderson Windows. I ended up having both of them come out to my home and do presentations. After hearing what each company had to offer, I decided to go with Ameritech Windows. I chose them, as I liked the windows they had, and they also had a Condo Vacation incentive that brought in some additional value. Before COVID hit I was traveling 2-3 times a year, so at this point a vacation is much needed. I am very excited for my new windows and vacation. Thank you, Ameritech Windows.

 -Andrea Martinez

 “My wife and I just had Ameritech Windows out to give us a quote on a new window and storm door. They did the remainder of our windows and a sliding glass door a few years ago. Ameritech has been a great company to partner with to get the work done in our home. They have always been up front from the get go and always made sure our questions didn’t go unanswered. The salesman this time even decided to go one step further and throw in a Condo Vacation with our purchase. I missed the first 10 minutes of his presentation while my wife chatted with him. By the time I came back to the table he mentioned the voucher, showed her a brochure, and pretty much had her ready to sign on the dotted line. My wife was not missing out on this opportunity by any means. After hearing a little more about it, I was on board as well. We ended up signing up to have the work done and are now in the process of booking a vacation to Scotland or Ireland. I want to thank Ameritech Windows for this once in a lifetime experience.

 -David Gay

We had a canvasser from Ameritech come out to our home recently asking us about our windows. We had talked about replacing the windows for a while, but this prompted us to at least hear what this company had to offer. When the saleswoman came out, she asked us a few questions about our windows and what we were looking for. We told her that the windows in our upstairs were very old and single paned, so during the winter it would get really cold and during the summer really hot. She showed us a few samples of what we could replace them with. As she was explaining pricing, she let us know that with our purchase we would be receiving a Condo Vacation Voucher. What a cool perk! Our family doesn’t travel all that much, so this will be something new for us. Thank you, Ameritech Windows.

 -Kyle & Danielle St. Michael

We had Ameritech Windows out to our home a while ago to do some work for us and they did a great job, which is why we called them out again recently to get a quote on having our upstairs windows replaced. When the salesman arrived, he took some measurements and gave us a bid to have the work done. It was within the ballpark of what we expected. He also told us that we would be receiving a Condo Voucher with our purchase, which was a great upgrade from the last time we used them. We are very excited as we plan to do a family vacation sometime next year. Thank you, Ameritech Windows.

 -Sam Littich

 “My wife and I got on the computer recently in search of a company to replace three windows for us. We filled out a survey online and received a call from a company named Ameritech Windows. They asked us a few questions over the phone and scheduled a meeting to have a salesperson come out to our home. When the salesman arrived, he started off the conversation by mentioning that we would be receiving a Condo Vacation Voucher, if we decided to use their company. This brought our guard down right away, as we love vacations. In the 53 years we’ve been together we haven’t taken as many as we’d like, but when we have, we’ve always had a great time. After talking about the vacation and what options they had as far as destinations, we got to the quote. Although the quote ended up being a little more than we expected, the vacation helped make up for it and then some. We ended up signing the deal and are very excited for our new windows and upcoming vacation. We want to thank the team at Ameritech for this thoughtful gift.

 -George & Linda Schilling

Monday my wife and I agreed to have the windows replaced in our home by Ameritech Windows. We’ve used their company in the past and have had a great experience, which is why we contacted them again. When the salesman came out, we talked about what windows we were looking for and then he went ahead and put a brochure in our lap for a vacation. He let us know that if we came to an agreement on a deal, he would throw in a 7-night stay at a resort of our choice. The voucher was a great added bonus and my wife and I are excited to see what options they have in Scotland and Ireland. We are still in a tad bit of shock, as it’s not every day that you receive a promotion quite like this. We want to thank the team at Ameritech Windows, for making this deal possible.

-Cody & Melissa Rucker

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