3rd window installation for Jennifer and Alan Ganter in Longmont, Colorado.

Ganter for Case Study

Case Study: A Decade of Trust – Ameritech’s 3rd Window Installation for Jennifer and Alan Ganter


Jennifer and Alan Ganter, proud homeowners in Longmont, Colorado, have a picturesque 1977-built home they had owned for about 4 years. The charm of their older home, however, came with outdated windows and a patio door. As every seasoned homeowner understands, the right windows can make a world of difference in a home’s aesthetics, energy efficiency, and overall value. In their search for the best window solution, the Ganters did what most homeowners do today – they took to the internet. Their online search in 2010 led them to Ameritech Windows.

The First Installation (2010):

When Jennifer and Alan first approached us, they had clear requirements: a reliable solution to upgrade a couple of their windows and a patio door. Understanding their home’s unique needs and the importance of preserving its character, we provided them with premium quality windows and a patio door that effortlessly blended with their home’s architectural charm.

The Second Phase (2012):

Having experienced the transformation and quality from the initial installation, the Ganters entrusted us again in 2012. This time, it was to replace the remaining windows of their beautiful home, excluding the basement. Our team, with unmatched expertise, ensured that the installation was seamless, further enhancing the home’s visual appeal and energy efficiency.

The Final Touch (2023):

Fast forward to 2023, Jennifer and Alan decided it was time to give their basement the same window treatment. Turning to Ameritech for the third time was a testament to the trust and satisfaction our previous installations had fostered. We were honored to complete their home’s transformation by replacing their basement windows.

Consistency in Quality and Service:

What makes the Ganter’s journey remarkable is not just their repeated trust in our services, but the consistent quality and experience we were able to provide. Over the 13 years of our association, they had the same team of installers working on their projects. This consistency ensured that every installation was in sync with the last, preserving the sanctity of their home’s design while introducing modern efficiency.

Reflections on our 29th Anniversary:

As Ameritech celebrates its 29th anniversary this week, the Ganter’s journey with us stands as a shining testament to our brand’s promise. Many competitors have come and gone, but what sets Ameritech apart is our enduring stability in both products and installation. It’s not just about offering a window replacement; it’s about providing a lasting solution that stands the test of time.

While many of our competitors’ windows may show wear and tear over such an extended period, ours remain as resilient and efficient as day one. This durability, combined with our unmatched expertise, has made us an industry leader.


The trust that Jennifer and Alan Ganter placed in us over the years is reflective of countless other homeowners who have experienced the Ameritech difference. Their home in Longmont, Colorado, is not just a structure


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