Energy Efficient Windows & Doors for Tesfaye family in Aurora, CO

Transforming the Tesfaye Home – Energy Efficient Windows & Doors in Aurora, CO

Situated in the picturesque landscapes of Aurora, Colorado, the Tesfaye family’s home, built in 1968, carried the weight of history and the wear and tear of time. After owning the home for 11 years, Mrs. Tesfaye had concerns that extended beyond just the aesthetic appeal. While she deeply desired to update the look of her home, especially the brown windows, which were a relic of the past, her primary concerns revolved around safety, security, and most importantly, energy efficiency. The chilly Aurora winters meant that the home’s inability to retain heat became a glaring issue. And the focal point of her dissatisfaction? The inefficient patio door and the unsightly basement windows.

The Ameritech Solution:

Upon consulting Ameritech, our team undertook a thorough assessment of the Tesfaye residence, listening intently to Mrs. Tesfaye’s grievances and wishes.

1. Safety & Security:

Understanding the importance of security for the Tesfaye family, we recommended our range of state-of-the-art windows and doors, equipped with advanced locking mechanisms. These features not only added an extra layer of security to the residence but also provided Mrs. Tesfaye the peace of mind she yearned for.

2. Energy Efficiency:

Given that one of Mrs. Tesfaye’s significant concerns was the home’s lack of insulation during winter, we introduced our line of energy-efficient windows. Designed with the latest technology, these windows ensured minimal heat loss and maximized thermal retention. To address the most problematic areas, the basement windows were replaced with our best-in-class energy-efficient models, which significantly mitigated heat loss.

3. Aesthetics and Functionality:

Mrs. Tesfaye’s aesthetic concerns were clear – the brown windows had to go, and the “ridiculous” patio door needed replacement. We introduced her to a range of contemporary designs that would not only complement her home’s architecture but also elevate its overall appeal. The patio door, previously a point of annoyance, was replaced with a sleek, functional, and energy-efficient model that seamlessly blended with the home’s new aesthetics.

The Outcome:

Post-installation, the transformation of the Tesfaye home was evident not just in its refreshed appearance, but more importantly, in its enhanced functionality. The energy-efficient windows and doors meant that the house now retained warmth effectively during the cold Aurora winters, directly impacting their heating bills and overall comfort. The modernized aesthetics, especially the departure from the old brown windows, gave the home a rejuvenated look, aligning with Mrs. Tesfaye’s vision.

But beyond the tangible changes, the peace of mind that came with enhanced security measures provided an intangible value that the family cherished. No longer did Mrs. Tesfaye have to worry about the safety of her loved ones or lament over the old patio door and basement windows.