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Get Triple-Pane Glass And Strong, Reinforced Frames

When you need replacement windows, you have lots of choices.

There’s no shortage of window companies serving Fort Collins, and it might seem like at first you are going to have to sort through a lot of different window features and benefits to figure out what one is best for you.

But this might be easier than you think.

Most windows being sold are similar quality

It’s true there are a lot of Fort Collins window replacement companies and it LOOKS like you have a lot of different options. But the truth is that most windows on the market are not all that different.

You’ll quickly discover that most windows are of mediocre quality and all pretty much have the same features.

The average Fort Collins replacement window

Here’s what you can expect from most replacement windows being sold in Fort Collins:

  • A single or double-pane window with some energy-efficient qualities.
  • A hollow or foam-filled vinyl frame that might be reinforced in a few areas.
  • No special design features and a standard look.
  • The windows come with a “Lifetime” warranty, but the exact duration is often unclear and there are typically a bunch of exclusions and loopholes.

Here’s how to avoid typical replacement windows & get something much better

Typical windows will leave your home less comfortable than it should be and will make your energy bills higher than they need to be. They can also make your home less attractive than it could be.

The good news is there are replacement windows being installed for Fort Collins homeowners that are much better than these average windows.

Here’s what to look for to know you are getting a best-quality replacement window.

First, ask about the glass. The key to a great window is the glass in it, because it’s the glass that determines how comfortable your home will be with your new windows.

Always insist on triple-pane glass for all your windows. Triple-pane glass is more energy efficient and it keeps your home more comfortable on a hot summer afternoon or a cold winter morning. You’ll also discover that triple-pane windows keep your home’s interior quieter because of significantly reduced sound penetration.

Triple-pane glass is also very hard to break through or remove, meaning your home is more secure.

You should also look for super-strong window frames. The best frames are reinforced throughout with High Density Resin. Many window frames are partially reinforced or have weak things like foam-filling inside the frame. Those should be avoided in favor of High-Density Resin reinforced frames.

You should also pay attention to the design and overall look of your window. The best windows will add curb appeal to your home, and the more attractive your home is, the more valuable it is.

The company with the best replacement windows in Fort Collins

Ameritech Windows installs beautiful triple-pane windows with reinforced frames. These are the absolute best windows being sold and installed in Colorado. Ameritech is a proven company that has been doing business locally since 1994 and always maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


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Since 1994 we have been providing the Colorado Front Range with the highest quality Triple Pane Windows!


Our top-quality expert installers have decades of experience and specialize in only windows and doors.

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Sale Ends Soon 07-01-2023

SAVE 20% + Always Triple Pane Windows + No Interest No Payments 12mos*

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