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Save More Money On Energy With Triple-Pane Glass Windows

Homeowners are at a disadvantage when looking for replacement windows because they will likely shop for windows only a few times in their life.

Window companies work in the industry every day, so they know a lot more. The true facts are that most windows on the market are not all that different, and the way to find a truly quality window is not always obvious.

Most windows on the market are ordinary quality with mediocre performance

Most Centennial window replacement companies offer windows that do not stand out in any way. You can even find some different window companies that sell the exact same replacement windows but just call them by different names.

Even when that’s not the case, the truth is most windows have many of the same qualities and features.

The very average replacement window

Almost every Centennial window company will offer you the following:

  • A single or double-pane window with some energy efficient qualities.
  • A hollow or foam-filled vinyl frame that might be reinforced in a few areas.
  • No special design features and a standard look.
  • The windows come with a “Lifetime” warranty, but the exact duration is often unclear and there are typically a bunch of exclusions and loopholes.

So… how can you get a best-quality window?

What if you want better than typical? What if you want more comfort, better energy savings, and a window that truly improves the curb appeal of your home?

Best-quality windows are available to Centennial homeowners – you just have to know what to look for.

The place to start is by asking questions about what kind of glass package will go in your window. Don’t settle for anything less than triple-pane glass. Triple-pane glass is the way to keep the interior of your home much more comfortable whether it is very hot or super cold outside. Triple-pane also saves you money on energy bills and keeps the noise from outside your home to a minimum.

There’s nothing that beats triple-pane glass – it’s the sure-fire sign of a quality window.

The strength of your frame is also important. The key thing to look for here is a window frame that is reinforced throughout with High Density Resin. Avoid windows that are nothing more than hollow vinyl or foam filled.

Always look for a frame that requires virtually no maintenance and is elegant and adds to the curb appeal of your Centennial home.

Of course, always look at the details of the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with your windows. Too many window warranties have so many exclusions or are so vague as to leave you with very little assurance or security.

The proven way to best replacement windows in Centennial

Ameritech Windows installs the very best in all of Colorado – triple-pane windows with incredibly strong frames that are reinforced with High Density Resin. Our warranty is well-defined and gives you loophole-free coverage. We’ve been in business for more than a quarter century and the BBB rates us as A+.

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Our highly-rated triple pane windows lock in more of your home's energy reducing energy bills & saving you money!


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Since 1994 we have been providing the Colorado Front Range with the highest quality Triple Pane Windows!


Our top-quality expert installers have decades of experience and specialize in only windows and doors.

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Sale Ends Soon 07-01-2023

SAVE 20% + Always Triple Pane Windows + No Interest No Payments 12mos*

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