Jason Van Orden's Brand New Windows - Thornton, CO

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Jason Van Orden’s Brand New Windows – Thornton, CO

Homeowner Notices Increased Comfort After Installing Triple Pane Windows

“I Feel Like I Have The Best Windows Money Can Buy”  

Jason Van Orden had been meaning to replace his windows for years. But being busy with running his own heating & air conditioning business, it always seemed it was hard to find the time to make the appointment.

When he finally decided to do it, he called Ameritech Windows and was glad he did.

“He [the window consultant] was easy to deal with. He didn’t rush and he spent a lot of time telling me about the windows – he showed me how the glass doesn’t transfer heat,” Jason said. “It was lots of good information and friendly.”

As someone who talks to homeowners on a regular basis for his own business, Jason appreciated this approach.

“It’s how I like to be with my customers – there’s no pressure, just be nice to people,” Jason said. “He was willing to spend a lot of time talking with me and I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them. I liked how it all went.”

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: Ameritech Windows will clearly demonstrate – with facts – why our windows are the best in Colorado. You’ll enjoy a calm, clear explanation of the differences between the windows we install versus ordinary windows.

Particularly impressive to Jason was a demonstration of how triple-pane windows make a huge difference by virtually eliminating heat transfer.

As someone who understands energy efficiency and home comfort because of his HVAC business, Jason appreciated the quality of the glass package in these windows.

“I thought the demonstration of no heat transfer with the glass was awesome,” Jason said.

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: We don’t ask you to “just believe us” when we tell you about our windows – we’ll demonstrate how and why our windows will make your home more comfortable.

Some homeowners choose to replace windows in stages, but Jason decided to get all 18 windows on his home replaced at one time.

It was a good size project, but Jason said the installation still went smoothly.

“They showed up and got right to work in the morning,” Jason said. “It ended up taking 2 days – the windows look good – I was very pleased with how it went.”

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: Our installers are a well-oiled machine and are true experts on window installation. You won’t have to worry about inexperienced or temp laborers installing your windows when you choose Ameritech.

Jason noticed a big difference in comfort right away with his new replacement windows from Ameritech.

“I really noticed it especially in a breakfast nook in my house,” Jason said. “I sit there and do paperwork a lot of times and in the winter it is colder than the rest of the house. Now it is the same temperature as everywhere else.”

He added, “It’s nice knowing that the windows are going to keep things evenly comfortable throughout the house.”

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: If you’re tired of living with uncomfortable parts of your home – too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter – we’ve got a great solution. Get the best windows in Colorado – triple-pane windows installed by Ameritech.

“Overall, it was a very good experience. I feel like I have the best windows money can buy.” – JASON VAN ORDEN

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Sale Ends Soon 05-01-2023

+++ Sale! 20% OFF +
NO Interest No Payments + We BuyBack Windows for Charity!*

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