Nancy & Gail Keyser's Window Replacement - Arvada, CO

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Nancy & Gail Keyser’s Window Replacement – Arvada, CO

The Keysers New Windows Eliminated That Drafty “Whistling” Sound. They Were Also Impressed By The Knowledge Of Ameritech’s Consultant  

When Nancy & Gail Keyser decided it was time to replace some windows on their home, they set up an appointment with Ameritech Windows. They got a very good impression right from the start of Scott, their Ameritech Window consultant.

“Scott was very personable,” Nancy said. “He was very thorough, very knowledgeable. You could tell he knows what he’s doing.”

The Keysers were also impressed with the completeness of the information provided.

“He showed us everything. He demonstrated safety features, showed us how windows are constructed. He showed that the windows don’t let the heat transfer through the glass.”

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: We don’t fill our window consultations with fluff or vague claims. We give you factual information about why our windows are the absolute best in Colorado (and we’re friendly, too)!

The Keysers have called on Ameritech Windows multiple times, but their first installation of new windows came on a day of a snowstorm. The professionalism and efficiency of the installers allowed the installation to proceed, even under adverse circumstances.

“They did a great job,” Nancy said. “They’re very fast, very efficient – it still went well, even with the storm.”

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: Our installers are experienced enough that “they’ve seen it all.” Homeowners who choose us get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your house will be in the hands of proven experts, not temporary laborers.

The Keysers decided to space out their window replacement to spread out the cost over time, and they’ve haven’t regretted choosing Ameritech Windows.

“We’ve had them here several times to install new windows a little at a time,” Nancy said. “The new windows have been great, and we’ve noticed a difference.”

The Keysers live up on a hill and get a fair amount of wind. Nancy says, “We don’t get that whistling sound in the high winds like we used to.”

She also noted that the house is more comfortable where triple-pane windows have been installed.

“Whenever we get new windows, those rooms are more comfortable,” Nancy said.  

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: Our windows stop drafts, reduce noise, and increase comfort. You simply cannot find a higher-quality choice than our triple-pane windows. 

The Keysers said Ameritech Windows has lived up to its reputation.  

“They’re A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau – I liked hearing that,” Nancy said. “And they’ve done a good job for us. The windows work very well.”

“He knows what he’s talking about and he’s very personable” – NANCY KEYSER, TALKING ABOUT HER AMERITECH WINDOW CONSULTANT

Would you like to talk to one of our friendly consultants? Reach out to us and we’ll come to you to discuss your replacement window project! 

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Sale Ends Soon 11-01-2023

SAVE 20% + Always Triple Pane Windows + No Interest 12mos*

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