Alex and Holly Burger Beautiful Replacement Windows - Castle Rock, CO​

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Alex and Holly Burger Beautiful Replacement Windows – Castle Rock, CO​

The Burgers Chose Ameritech Because Of The Window Quality + The Outstanding Warranty 

When the Burgers were considering replacing their windows, Ameritech gave them facts, not fluff.

“The information they gave during the consultation was very specific,” Alex said. “It wasn’t just ‘buy our windows.’ It was here is why our windows are manufactured better, here’s a demonstration that shows how our glass works to keep heat out – it was real information.”

He added, “I liked the technical aspects of the window and how well the windows were built.”

The Burgers did some more research online about windows, but felt they were getting a good deal from Ameritech because of the superior quality of the windows.

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: Our windows are an awesome long-term value because of their amazing quality. When homeowners can see for themselves that our windows are so much better than the typical window sold by the typical contractor, they choose us.

The Burgers were also convinced that Ameritech Windows was the right choice when they saw how good the window warranty was – it’s REAL coverage for 40 years.

“That’s pretty much a lifetime warranty for me,” Alex said. “The very good warranty was a big reason we chose these windows.”

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: Many window companies talk about “lifetime” or “double lifetime” warranties, but when you read the fine print, there are a ton of loopholes and exceptions. Our warranties are real coverage for 40 full years. Compare it to typical window warranties and you’ll be impressed. 

Installation day came and went without a hitch. 

Here’s how Alex described it: “Overall, very good, very quick, they were done in less than half a day. It was efficient and they knew exactly what they were doing.”

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: When you deal with a proven, professional company that has been around since 1994, you have a more consistent, pleasant experience than you get with typical home improvement contractors. Our installers know what they are doing because they have lots of experience and a proven method for delivering the best installation results. 

After the windows were replaced, the Burgers noticed a reduction in heat in the home during the summers and also less noise inside the home.

“We had neighbors that liked to fire up Harleys first thing in the morning,” Alex said. “They were so loud you could still hear them, but it was definitely less noise with the triple-pane windows.”

He added, “The front of the house would sometimes get unbearably hot in the summer, but the new windows changed that.”

AN AMERITECH ADVANTAGE: Our customers say it all the time: the triple-pane windows we install really DO make a difference when it comes to making your home more comfortable and reducing outside noise. Get the best windows in Colorado and you won’t regret it.  

The Burgers have recently moved from the home where they had replaced their windows and patio door. Now they’ve already called on Ameritech Windows for patio door replacement at their new home. Another repeat customer!

“I really liked the warranty on the windows and the amount of coverage on them.” – ALEX BURGER

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Sale Ends Soon 11-01-2021

Save 20% +
Free Upgrade to Triple Pane + No Interest No Payments 12 mos*

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