Energy-efficient windows for the Friedlander family in Boulder, CO


We take tremendous pride in our commitment to offering the best window product and best window service to the entire Greater Denver market. Nothing shows our great service and products more than having repeat customers ask for our window and window installation services. The Friedlander family had the team at Ameritech replace the windows on their previous home in 2018. When the Freidlanders moved into their new home in Boulder 3 years ago, they noticed the drafts from the windows in their home that built in 1961. They learned the hard way that their current windows were “inefficient and terrible” as they put it.

They couldn’t take it for another year and finally they knew they had to call Ameritech Windows!

The Friedlander family of Boulder, Colorado had the pleasure of working with Ameritech Windows in 2018 when they needed to replace the windows in their previous home. Ameritech Windows is a window company based in Boulder and offers free estimates. They specialize in energy-efficient products that meet the needs of local homeowners.

When the Friedlanders contacted Ameritech Windows, they told us they wanted to upgrade their windows to be more energy-efficient. We knew this was an important factor for them since Boulder can experience harsh winters and hot summers. We took the time to explain the various energy-efficient window options that were available and the benefits of each one.

The Friedlanders were able to choose from a variety of energy-efficient window styles and materials. They chose Ameritech Windows’ triple-pane, low-e glass Boulder window. The triple-pane design is engineered to keep the home warm in winter and cool in summer, while the low-e coating helps to minimize the amount of heat that enters the home.

We also installed a solar-control film on the windows, which helps to reduce the amount of UV rays that enter the home. This helps to reduce fading of furniture, carpet, and other interior furnishings. The solar-control film also helps to improve the overall energy efficiency of the windows.

Once the window installation was complete, the Friedlanders were thrilled with the results. They noticed a significant decrease in their energy bills, and they were very pleased with the look of the windows and the improved energy-efficiency.

The Friedlanders were so happy with the windows they had us do in their previous home that they decided to use Ameritech Windows again when they bought their new home in Boulder. We were pleased to be chosen again and we look forward to helping the Friedlanders make their new home comfortable and energy-efficient.

At Ameritech Windows, we are proud to be a local window company that offers a wide selection of energy-efficient windows for our customers. We are committed to helping Boulder homeowners reduce their energy bills and improve the comfort of their homes. We look forward to continuing to work with the Friedlander family and helping them make their new home comfortable and energy-efficient.


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