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Triple-Pane Windows For Longmont Homeowners

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Ameritech Windows installs the best replacement windows in Longmont.

We say this with confidence because every single aspect of our windows is built to give you maximum in-home comfort and energy savings, while also lasting for decade after decade without any loss of performance.

The first thing that makes our windows special is triple-pane glass. Since windows are about 87% glass, the number of panes is absolutely crucial if you want the most comfort and energy savings possible.

Some window contractors try to say that double-pane windows are fine, or even that you can make a double-pane window perform as well by adding extra energy efficient coatings. But the truth is nothing can match the performance of a triple-pane window.

Triple-pane windows also have other benefits for Longmont homeowners, including a quieter home and a more secure home.

Our replacement windows for Longmont homes have many other best-quality features. These windows:

  • Have frames that are reinforced throughout with High Density Resin, making them extra strong and durable. Compare this with most windows that are hollow or foam-filled vinyl frames.
  • Are very attractive, with elegant touches like locks that are integrated into the sash instead of just stuck on top.

One of the most confusing things about replacement window buying is trying to figure out the warranties. Many Longmont window companies have warranties that they call ‘Lifetime,’ ‘Limited Lifetime,’ or even ‘Double Lifetime.’ But most of them are vague as to exactly what that means or how long you truly have coverage. 

Another big problem are exclusions and loopholes. Many warranties have so much fine print that you’re not sure what is actually covered. Our replacement window warranty is different. Everything is clearly spelled out and there’s no ‘gotcha’ fine print. You have as much coverage in forty years as you do on day 1.

Homeowners often struggle to find the right Longmont window company – the kind of company that gives them peace of mind. The majority of window contractors go out of business in 3 to 5 years, so this is a real issue. The best thing you can do is look for the real facts behind a company’s reputation.

Here’s what to know about Ameritech:

  • 25+ years in business, always under the same continuous ownership
  • A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • Hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google
  • Installers that have a decade or more of experience

Financing is a great way to get beautiful new replacement windows in a budget-friendly way. Ameritech can help Longmont homeowners get fast and easy financing.

We also have beautiful, energy-efficient, best-quality patio doors and entry door for Longmont homes. You’ll love that these doors are secure, durable, and come with worry-free installation.

What our customers say…

Richard B.

“The installation was very efficiently done. Great Work. The installers were professional and respectful. Thanks.”

Dana N.

“Again, I am extremely satisfied with every part of my experience and the product.”

Steven & Chelsea M.

“5-stars all around! Quick and Easy.”