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Triple pane window

Most Aurora Window Contractors Install
Windows Of Only Average Quality

You Can Get Something Much Better
If You Call The Right Company

Whether you’ve been looking at replacement windows for a while, or you are just starting out, you will quickly come to the conclusion that most replacement windows are about the same.

It’s – MOST replacement windows offered by Aurora companies are of pretty similar quality – mediocre to average.

When a homeowner meets with a window company, they are often told about the special features and benefits of a particular window. But the truth is most of the features that are talked about really aren’t all that different.

While there can be some differences, most windows on offer in Aurora are:

  • A single or double-pane window that is somewhat energy efficient.
  • A vinyl frame that is either hollow or has some foam filling.
  • No special design features and a standard look.
  • Have some version of a “Lifetime” warranty, but with lots of fine print that makes the actual warranty coverage weak.

If you decide to have the typical replacement windows installed on your home, you’ll come to regret it. You’re bypassing a chance to keep your home more comfortable for decade after decade, and you’re giving up the extra energy savings you get when you choose the best windows.

If you’re going to the time and trouble to invest in new windows, why not get the maximum benefits by choosing beautiful windows that are the best-quality available?

Here are the qualities you should always look for when shopping for replacement windows in Aurora:

Triple-pane glass. Triple pane glass is the gold standard for replacement windows. Triple-pane is the best way to keep your home more comfortable, even during temperature extremes, and also to help keep energy costs to a minimum. Always get the best glass – it’s the most important part of any windows!

A Reinforced Window Frame. Here’s the truth about most replacement windows on the market: they are made with hollow or foam-filled vinyl frames, sometimes with some limited reinforcement. You deserve better quality. Always look for a window with High Density Resin reinforcement throughout.

A Reliable, Honest Warranty. You should get the peace of mind that comes with a warranty you can count on. You should avoid a warranty with a long list of exclusions and fine print.

Replacement windows from Ameritech Windows have it all. Triple-pane glass, strong frames with the best reinforcement, and you get a real warranty you can trust. Ameritech has been in business since 1994 and is an A+ rated local business with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google.