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Triple pane window

Window Guide For Arvada Homeowners

Great Replacement Windows Have Triple-Pane Glass
& A Reinforced Frame

Homeowners shopping for replacement windows quickly find out that most replacement windows all seem pretty much the same. They look a lot alike, they have similar features, and they provide about the same level of energy efficiency.

If you’re an Arvada homeowner who wants something different and better, there is a best-quality window solution that will keep you more comfortable, save you more on energy, and make your home look better.

But first, here is what to avoid.

There is a lot of effort by Arvada window companies to make small differences in windows sound like a big deal. But the truth is that what is often emphasized is not all that different.

The overwhelming majority of replacement windows on the market are:

  • A single or double-pane window that is somewhat energy efficient.
  • A vinyl frame that is either hollow or has some foam filling.
  • No special design features and a standard look.
  • Have some version of a “Lifetime” warranty, but with lots of fine print that makes the actual warranty coverage weak.

Average replacement windows give you mediocre performance. That means that year after year, and decade after decade:

  • Your energy bills will be higher than if you had gone with the best performing windows.
  • Your home will be more uncomfortable than it needs to be during hot summer days and cold winter nights.
  • The curb appeal of your home will be less than it should be

You’re going to the trouble and expense of investing in your home; why not get the best and do it right the first time?

Here’s what Arvada homeowners should look for in replacement windows:

Triple-pane glass. Triple pane glass makes a huge difference in the comfort level of your home. It also keeps noise penetration way down, energy costs lower, and makes your home more secure. Don’t settle for anything less than the best glass in a top-quality window.

A Reinforced Window Frame. Many replacement windows installed by Arvada window companies are just hollow or foam-filled vinyl frames. This makes for a weaker frame. The best windows have High Density Resin reinforcement throughout the frame, making for a very durable and very strong window frame.

A Trustworthy Warranty. Too many window warranties come with a bunch of loopholes and exclusions that means you don’t have coverage when you need it. Always find a warranty that is clear and doesn’t deny you coverage when you need it.

Ameritech Windows installs the best replacement windows in Colorado. Every window comes with triple-pane glass and High Density Resin reinforced frames. The warranty is honest, without a bunch of fine print and exclusions. Ameritech has been in business since 1994 and is an A+ rated local business with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google.