eShield Attic Insulation – Superior Foil Insulation Protecting Colorado Homes Against Outdoor Temperatures

eshield insulation

eShield – the revolutionary, multilayer, attic energy barrier – is leading many homeowners across Colorado to experience significant energy savings. These benefits occur when eShield is professionally installed in conjunction with or retrofitted to traditional attic insulation, like fiberglass or polystyrene foam. Traditional forms of insulation protect against heat conduction and convection, which gives them their R-values; eShield guards against heat radiation – which provides its E-value. When combined, this insulation solution provides a three-pronged defense against heat transfer for the most complete protection in the industry.

eShield is not only for attic insulation. It also works in a variety of other places in the home, including:

  • interior walls
  • exterior walls
  • basements
  • ceilings
  • floors
  • crawlspaces
  • siding
  • and more

eshield illustration

Not just any foil insulation is as effective as eShield. eShield is the product of more than a decade of research in heat transfer and utilizes a design that emulates the space-age technology that protects astronauts from the sun’s harmful rays in space. This painstaking commitment to creating a superior energy barrier is the reason why eShield reflects an industry-leading 97% of heat radiation that comes in contact with it.

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