Best Replacement Windows and Doors to Match Popular House Styles

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Best Replacement Windows and Doors to Match Popular House Styles

Doors and windows play a crucial role in defining a house’s style, making your choices impactful. They should harmonize with your home’s overall aesthetic, which can range from traditional to ultra-modern in Northern Virginia. Given the architectural diversity in Virginia, you’ll encounter various window and door styles, even within the same neighborhood.


Colonial Style Homes

Colonial homes, one of Virginia’s oldest styles, feature gambrel roofs, large columns, and symmetrical designs. They often showcase single or double-hung windows with divided lines or grids, such as six over six, nine over nine, or twelve over twelve configurations.

For entry doors, batten doors with small glass windows or wood-look doors with raised panels and glass accents are common choices.


Georgian Architecture

Georgian homes emphasize symmetry but are more elaborate than colonials, featuring bay windows, arched windows, and varied window styles like single or double-hung windows with grids.

Entry doors for Georgian homes may include arched windows, sidelines, and intricate glasswork.


Victorian and Queen Anne Styles

Victorian and Queen Anne homes boast asymmetrical facades, elaborate exteriors, and various window styles like circular, arched, rectangular, and bay windows. These homes often have ornate entry doors with panels and glass accents.


Craftsman Design

Craftsman-style homes feature simple lines with handmade details like tapered columns and exposed rafters. They typically have single or double-hung windows with unique grid configurations and front doors with raised panels and glass panes.


Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouses embrace simplicity with double or single-hung windows featuring four-on-four grids. Entry doors are often designed with large glass panes and raised panels.


Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes showcase straight lines, flat roofs, and expansive glass windows like sliding or picture windows. Entry doors may be solid flat panels or feature large glass panes for a minimalist look.


Choosing the Right Style for Your Home

With so many home styles available, it’s essential to choose windows and doors that seamlessly blend in. Consider consulting an experienced specialist who can guide you through the vast selection of styles and help you find the perfect match for your home.

When you are ready, call Ameritech Windows for a free consultation at 303-578-5965. Our team has decades of experience assisting homeowners in selecting the ideal windows and doors to complement their home’s architecture. Contact us today to explore our high-quality options and transform your home’s appearance!


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